Thursday, November 27, 2008

Willie's second wife

Happy Thanksgiving, ye rabbits!
Our turkey day plans had us hopping up to Apopka, right past Highland Memory Gardens at 3329 East SR 436.
It's actually in the neck o' the woods most of us natives call Forest City. But, the mailing address says Apopka nowadays.
Ironically, on the grounds of this graveyard, I discovered a perfect follow-up to yesterday's posting about the mysterious missing wife.

This marker was placed to honor the memories of Willie E. Chapman (1887-1978) and his wife Ollie O. Chapman (1893-1971).
Seems pretty cut and dry, doesn't it?
But, when I did a little sleuthing, I discovered Mr. Chapman had been married to a lady named Maggie before leaving Kentucky to settle in this little corner of heaven. This per the 1920 Census. (Also discovered Ollie's maiden name was Pigg . . . no joking!)
So, the question remains, where did Willie bury his first wife?
* 1920 Census, Floyd County, Kentucky, page 238a.
* 1920 Census, Lawrence County, Kentucky, page 147b.

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