Friday, November 7, 2008

Another historically-black cemetery

Today's excursion takes us up to the little Seminole County town of Geneva, where ye rabbits may find the Stewart Memorial Gardens at the corner of West Osceola Road and Little Fawn Road.

I wouldn't say it's been neglected, but it certainly has a less-than-welcoming sign at its entrance. A bit off-putting, no?

Anyway, as the name implies, this burial ground was established by Charley Stewart (not the perennial Congressional candidate) back in 1921. That was the year his father, Charley, Sr., a Jamaican emigrant, died.

I didn't find the Stewart family plot, but did find this moldy old stone belonging to one Eddie Demps (9 March 1885 - 2 Dec 1941).

Mold seems to be as big an issue here as it is in the not-so-distant Drawdy-Rouse Cemetery we visited in a previous post.

I still haven't received a completely-satisfactory solution (pun intended) for cleaning mold off old tombstones.

Anyway, if you can zoom-in on the image of Mr. Demps' stone, you'll see why it caught my eye. It looks like his name and vital dates were hand-carved. What do you think?

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