Sunday, November 2, 2008

A good source for Osceola County rabbits

This fine Sunday morning has us hopping down to Osceola County Memory Gardens at 1717 Old Boggy Creek Road in Kissimmee.

This is not an old cemetery.

It's one of those boring new ones where they don't let you place upright gravemarkers, because it makes it easier to mow or some such nonsense.

The result is a distinct lack of character, but that's just me editorializing again . . .

I don't know when exactly this place was founded and I didn't do a thorough search of all the grave markers, but I didn't find many that predated 1970. Most, in fact, are quite recent. As noted in yesterday's post, this is one of the most active burial sites in this neck of the woods.
The oldest one that caught my eye belonged to a US Marine named Charles Gail Batton (1924-1964)--and it was not too far from a US Airman named Merle G. Batton (1919-1968).

I wondered if these two servicemen might have been brothers.

So, when I got back to the old rabbit den, I did a little searching on the internet.

I never succeeded in connecting these two Battons, but did stumble across a great website for any of you with roots in Osceola County:

Searching for "BATTON," I came across two obituaries:
- Mrs. Josepine I. "Josie" Battton (1995)
- Annabelle Batton Stinebaugh (2000)

Unfortunately, neither yielded any clues for this particular case . . .

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