Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A senator in the cemetery!

Well, rabbits, this fine Election Day had yours truly pondering about all the public officials who found their final resting place in this little corner of heaven. And, I wondered, which of them had attained the highest elective office.

My mom told me the former first couple Ike and Mamie had a home in Winter Park. (Back in the 60s, she helped them select the pillows for their master bedroom there.) Of course, neither of them was actually buried down here. Like so many residents today, they wanted to be buried closer to "home."

So, I turned to my database, and am now pleased to reveal the answer:

U.S. Senator Charles Oscar Andrews (1877-1946)

Andrews was one of the many folks who poured into Central Florida in the heady days of the 1920s real estate boom. In fact, he was general counsel for the Florida Real Estate Commission (1925-1928) and Orlando's City Attorney (1926-1929). He also served as our local state representative in 1927.

His national prominence was achieved several years later, in 1936, when Senator Park Trammell died in office. Andrews was appointed to completed his term, and was re-elected in his own right in 1940. Ironically, Senator Andrews himself died in office, and is buried beneath a humble marker at Greenwood Cemetery in downtown Orlando.

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