Thursday, January 15, 2009

Urban sprawl has a long history in Orlando

Even back in 1884, local residents felt the encroachment of development.

That's the year my Patrick and Ivey ancestors formed the Lake Hill Cemetery Association, and removed the bodies of loved ones buried in their old family plot to escape all the rampant land speculation that was going on in this little corner of heaven in anticipation of the arrival of the railroad.

The former burial ground was known locally as the Patrick Cemetery, and was located between Lake Lorna Doone and Rock Lake north of the modern Citrus Bowl.

If ye rabbits feel like hopping over the former site of this long-disappeared graveyard, take the Orange Blossom Trail to Washington Street, then head west between the shores of the two lakes.

You may not see any surviving grave markers, but if you time it just right you may be able to enjoy a sunset like this one over Lorna Doone.


Anonymous said...

A cypress sunset - Florida at it's best!

JoLyn said...

What a beautiful sunset - I can just imagine those headstones in front of it...