Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before there was a Mount Peace?

Today, I want to take ye rabbits south of the Orlando International Airport, across the Osceola County line into the bustling little town of St. Cloud.

The oldest cemetery here is Mount Peace. It has a nice iron gate, stone columns, and a sexton's office on site.

According to the sexton's records, the cemetery was founded back in 1910. But, that date seems a little suspect to yours truly.

For instance, I found this gravemarker for William Jackson Brack (17 January 1837 - 30 April 1901), who served as the first Mayor of Orlando, 1875-7.

How could it be that he died 9 years before the cemetery was founded?

Were his remains brought here after the fact and reinterred?

Or, was this originally a family cemetery that was later deeded to the city?

I'd love to get to the bottom of this mystery.
Any ideas?


Mike said...

William Jackson Brack was the first mayor of Orlando and allegedly my great-great grandfather. I'm in the process of trying to verify the history. If my research uncovers more facts relating to this mystery I will be more than happy to enlighten all.

-Mike Scarborough

Dusty Johnson said...

Brack is not the only civil war soldier buried there... I went with my husband today to place battle flags on two stones (one which was indeed Brack) for the Sons of the Confederate Soldiers and found dozens of civil war headstones. Mount Peace could just be a name giving to a cemetary without a name or possibly renamed... I'm working on getting a list of the civil war soldiers buried there both north and southern states...