Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not-so-final resting place

If nasty weather prevents ye rabbits from visiting a graveyard today, allow yours truly to encourage you to hop online and visit this site:

There you may find a wonderful collection of records pertaining to the history of this little corner of heaven.

Given the scope of this blog, I would particularly point out the digitized records of Carey Hand Funeral Home.

In browsing that collection, I was surprised to find the number of folks who were laid to rest in area cemeteries "in the long, long ago," only to be disinterred later and shipped to points north.

Case in point, do a search at this site for a Spanish American War veteran named ARTHUR WHIPPLE who had brought his wife and 2 small children to these parts to work as a telegraph operator with the railroad . You will find the poor fellow died of TB at his parents' truck farm out in Oakland on 14 May 1912, and was apparently buried there. Flash forward just over 15 years, and somebody up in Malden, Massachusetts, paid good money to have his remains dug up and put on a northbound train.!

It makes one wonder how many open spaces in cemeteries around here were not always empty, doesn't it?

1910 Census, Orange County, Florida, page 171b.

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travels wright said...

Interesting. Makes me think of our cemetery here, Sunnyslope. The caretaker has told me numerouse stories of people that were moved from one spot to another, one just 25 feet. He just dug the new hole, made a ditch straight across, shifted him to the new place and filled the holes in again. Plus people are brought from other cemeteries. We need to keep this in mind when researching our ancestors.
Thanks for the story.