Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Mizell Family - part 2 of 2

Today we hop from the burial place of the patriarch of the Mizell clan in Conway up to the beautiful grounds of the city-owned Leu Botanical Gardens at 1730 North Forest Avenue in Orlando.

A lot of rabbits may not be aware that, in addition to the awesome collection of horticultural treasures and the historic Leu House, the site is also home to one of the most breathtaking and well-maintained cemeteries in this little corner of heaven. No doubt, the Mizell Cemetery helped gain the gardens entry to the National Register of Historic Properties back in 1994.

Befitting their stature in the community, a bronze marker informs garden visitors of the Mizells contributions and gives a brief genealogical account of the immediate family of Sheriff David William Mizell (1833-1870).

As mentioned in previous postings here, the Mizells became embroiled in a bloody feud with the cattle ranching Barber family. This culminated in the killing of the Sheriff in an ambush near Holopaw.

Here's the poor fellow's stone, "erected by Lula," his daughter, many years after the feud came to an end.

Note the Masonic symbol.

According to local history books, the sheriff's burial here was done under the light of a full moon--the first to be conducted as such a manner in this neck of the woods.

Tip to rabbits wishing to visit: The garden staff can sometimes be persuaded to allow access to the cemetery without paying admission to the general grounds--especially if, like yours truly, you can claim kinship to the Mizells. But, it's still worth buying a ticket to see the rest of the sights if they can't be persuaded in your particular case.


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed keeping up with your stories from the center of the state and to find this treasure inside beautiful Leu Gardens is a special delight. Next time my husband has to visit his favorite fly shop (just up the street), I'll have to come too and take another look at all the wonders of the garden.

Orange and Blue said...

Definitely! In addition to the Mizell cemetery, there are also a lot of memorial trees planted on the garden grounds--a beautiful way to remember someone!